Field Day dress code: students be out of uniform and may wear: appropriate athletic wear (t-shirts, bball-like shorts or pants). Shorts must be appropriate length so no Soffees. Tank tops and sleeveless are not allowed. A towel, sunglasses, and a hat are all appropriate for outside. Sandals are not allowed—tennis shoes only.

Per our out of uniform dress code: clothing may not be: sleeveless, over-sized, tight, see-through, off the shoulder/large neck hole, shorter than middle finger tip length when arms are down by the side, low cut, have holes in garments, or have inappropriate graphics, play-on-words, innuendos, drugs, alcohol, or gang affiliation, etc. and leggings/tights may not be worn as the bottom garment.

  Follow all rules and guidelines for each ride / activity. Bring money for open concession stand.

 Students not in compliance will remain in the classroom during the day.