To recognize our students and encourage them to have the characteristics of a well-rounded individual, we are continuing our Student of the Month recognition program for the 2018-2019 school year. The nominees for Student of the Month should represent the characteristics below: 

Academics – Student should be a hard-worker in all aspects of academics.
Attitude – Student should possess and demonstrate a positive attitude towards their classmates as well as to their teachers.
Behavior – Student should be well-behaved in structured and non-structured settings.
Responsibility – Student should show accountability in their work as well as their actions.
Attendance – Student should have shown excellent attendance during that nomination month.

Congratulations to  October’s  Student of the Month winners!

6th grade – J. Ramirez
7th grade- C. Reyes
8th grade – M. Fuentes
9th grade- R. Dorantes
10th grade- J. Aguirre
11th grade- A. Cerda
12th grade – A. Ong