HPS Board approved the 2018-2109 Academic Year Calendar.

Final 2018-2019 Brownsville School Calendar

Dear Students and Parents:

In preparation for the 2018-2019 school year, teachers at Harmony School of Innovation – Brownsville has prepared summer assignments designed to keep students engaged in the practices of critical thinking, reading, and writing while also giving them a preview of the types of assignments and works that will be explored in the coming school year.

Have a great summer!

In the below-linked documents, you will find the 2018 summer assignments for several of our Honors courses. Please refer to the instructions provided by each teacher regarding his/her assignments and due dates.



Field Day dress code: students be out of uniform and may wear: appropriate athletic wear (t-shirts, bball-like shorts or pants). Shorts must be appropriate length so no Soffees. Tank tops and sleeveless are not allowed. A towel, sunglasses, and a hat are all appropriate for outside. Sandals are not allowed—tennis shoes only.

Per our out of uniform dress code: clothing may not be: sleeveless, over-sized, tight, see-through, off the shoulder/large neck hole, shorter than middle finger tip length when arms are down by the side, low cut, have holes in garments, or have inappropriate graphics, play-on-words, innuendos, drugs, alcohol, or gang affiliation, etc. and leggings/tights may not be worn as the bottom garment.

  Follow all rules and guidelines for each ride / activity. Bring money for open concession stand.

 Students not in compliance will remain in the classroom during the day.

8th grade invitation taco bout a future

8th-grade ceremony.

You are cordially invited to our 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony

Thursday, May  24, 2018

7pm to 8:30 pm @ School Gymnasium

Dear students and parents,

In our math classes in 8th-grade math, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebraic Reasoning, Algebra 2, Precalculus, SAT Math, TSI Math Lab, Calculus, College Prep Math, Statistics and Risk Management and other elective high school math courses, we use TI Nspire CX calculators. We provide these calculators to our students during school hours and we exclusively recommend that the students also purchase one for their out of school use. Below is a picture of how these calculators look.

High School and Middle School Summer Reading and Writing

_Mason Cooley once said

       “Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are”

High School

Middle School

Where will you go this summer??

Remember to read and write!!!!

College Signing Pep Rally for Senior Class of 2018

Tuesday, May 22 at 2 PM – 3:15 PM

Harmony School of Innovation – Brownsville

3451 Dana Ave., Brownsville Texas 78526


Harmony Around the World




Review flyer

6th Grade Transition Night